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La Borie Noble 34650, Roqueredonde, France

Corps Européen de Solidarité 2022-1-FR02-ESC50-QLA-000112687 (2024-2027) Quality Label. Accueil - Soutien

Cultural Café : Building Connections in the countryside

We welcome volunteers to lead socio-cultural activities in the village of Roqueredonde in the South of France. Their mission will not only involve setting up a lively café in the countryside but also promoting ecological consciousness within the community. This involves creating a cozy space where people can come together for artistic expression, music jams, community interaction, and the exchange of diverse cultures, all while keeping a deep appreciation for the natural environment. The volunteers will lead initiatives to minimize environmental impact, implementing sustainable practices, organizing eco-friendly events, and educating the community on the importance of conservation. From composting organic waste to sourcing locally-produced ingredients, every aspect of the café's operation will consider the environment .
Regain is at La Borie Noble just 19 kilometers from Lodeve and 5 kilometers from Roqueredonde. We have an organic bakery, a green garden, a farm and a natural swimming pool. You'll share daily life with community members, volunteers, and woofers. Accommodation offers private bedrooms with shared bathroom facilities. With three vegetarian meals provided daily, a kitchenette is available for personal cooking preferences. Recreational spaces abound. Transportation includes a thrice-weekly bus service, a train reaching the coast in an hour, and access to a car for licensed drivers.

You'll work around 35 hours a week with team support, focusing on our main goal: creating an awesome cultural café in the countryside. It'll be a spot where art, community vibes, and diverse cultures all mix together. Alongside café management and event organization, you'll engage in community activities like baking, gardening, cheese-making, and other tasks. There are many learning opportunities, from hosting exhibitions to language labs, crafts, and cultural events. Regular yoga and meditation sessions will also be available to cultivate a positive impact.

We seek volunteers who are team players, enjoy rural life and are willing to take the initiative. Basic English and a curiosity for exploring new cultures are indispensable. This opportunity is open to individuals aged 18 to 30 from the EU or partner countries.It's important to care about the environment, while also respecting community norms and non violence values. A driver's license is an advantage, but what truly matters is your motivation. If you feel like manual work, nature, and communal living, or simply curious about these experiences, we encourage you to join us.

Contact :

Veronica Castro
Coordination de Projets de Mobilité